Women’s Voice against Female Voice

We live in a society that loves to attack.

We attack each other,

We attack the planet,

We attack  ourselves.

With so much competition going on around us, it can be hard to just relax and put all else aside. So why do women continue to make it even harder on each other?  Each and every person is aware of the pressures from the world around us and if we begin to talk about them , we can start to eliminate them.

Just the other day, I was sitting in a coffee shop enjoying some tea when a group of older women sat down next to me.  A little while later, I overheard one of the women mentioning how she would NEVER vote for a women for president.  Never once did she mention the current female candidate Hilary Clinton.  She only spoke about how females are so genetically different from males, and about how we could not handle the stress of the position.

Sitting there, writing for a Women and Gender Studies class I am taking, I felt horrified by the statement.  It seemed like a foreign thought process that did not really exist in the world around me.  Yet here it was, next to me at a coffee shop.

Here was a female, using her voice, to put down another female.  We have proven things through science now about biology and gender that should be able to disapprove those kinds of thoughts.  We do not need them in society.  They limit the success that people can have.  Some call this the Pygmalion Effect . The idea that we will only reach the standards that others believe we will.  If as females, we have high expectations for each other and support each other to achieve them, we can break down any Glass Ceiling and make it through any labyrinth.

This isn’t the only way girls like to bash each other.  We get scrutinized over photos and social media posts, and whisper about each other as we walk by.  Little girls get bullied over mundane issues and left out of groups. Celebrities are bashed over their personal posts. High school students aren’t invited to parties and judged because of a bad hair day.  There are  beauty contests at the gym and people worry about their make-up just to grab the newspaper in the morning. Television shows criticize a Miss America contestant for nursing monologue.


No more use of the voice against female voice. Let us embrace each other for being ourselves and lets create a society that we WANT to live in.  Group together to provide support for those who are being critiqued and receiving the same assistance back.  Stand up for the movements you believe in and work together with like minded individuals.  Know that you are affected by the people and culture artifacts that you surround yourself with, so pick them carefully.

And if you find yourself needing a little inspiration, check out Climbing PoeTree.  There spoken word poems will make you more motivated than ever to want to make a difference.  My personal favorite is Awakening.



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