Using our Voice

Too many women suppress their voice.  Too many women hold their true feelings inside.  Too many women are told to shut up and too many women listen. This is a dangerous spiral, as it leaves millions speechless.  There is a book called I Speak for Myself edited by Maria M.  Ebrahimji and Zahra T. Suratwala that is an outlet for American women who are Muslim to share their stories.  This book is educational as well as inspiring.  I would recommend it for everyone to read because it allows you to see the world through the eyes of another individual and through another culture’s perspective.


More people around the world need spaces to talk. Imagine if each women who shared her story in this book, had the opportunity to sit down with each other.  They would have the potential to build a lasting friendship, also known as a place to talk.  These opportunities to let your voice and story be heard is what can begin to change the thought process of those around you.  Having support to build confidence in your decisions will allow for more opportunities to share your voice.

Just the other day, I was discussing a health issue with someone.  They began to share their story with me, and the overlaying messge the I took away was that humans need to share our experiences.  We need to share them for ourselves with people who have also experienced it and we need to share them for eachother for people who have not experienced them.  This raises awareness on ALL issues and creates a general discussion.  If we change the way we talk about things, we eventually change the way we do things and this can change the world.

All we need to do is keep the conversation going.



One thought on “Using our Voice

  1. I would love to see more engagement with the text for the reader. The reader won’t know much about the women in the book, and you can give share their voices in this post that is about voice.


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